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You die daily: There is the death before you die.

This world we inhabit has transformed into a place of mere survival. If you were to ask anyone, “Are you truly living here?” on this magnificent, green-blue-circled planet, their response would likely be, “I will truly live after I die.” Indeed, this profound truth resonates deep within our hearts, much like the words penned by David in the book “Our Mysterious Tales” that pierced my very being, reaching down to the depths of my soul. Please excuse my digression, but I assure you, David’s words left an indelible impact on every fiber of my being.

There is a poignant saying among the Native American Indians that states, “Life and death are intertwined, forming a single thread.” However, for David, comprehending the depth of this sentiment proves to be a formidable task.

In the book “Our Mysterious Lives” David mentioned the diverse perspectives that emerge when examining people’s attitudes toward death. For some, there is a sense of fear and uncertainty, while others find solace in the belief that there is no afterlife. Those who subscribe to the latter notion often reason, “I was fine for billions of years before I was born, so I will be fine when I am gone.” It is a perspective rooted in the idea of eternal sleep, devoid of consciousness or existence. But, still, there are many people who believe that if I die God will come and take me with himself. Interestingly, the transition between life and death often creates more unease than the notion of being deceased.

The words of David Carter remind us of the delicate balance between life and death, the rituals that accompany our departure, and the profound emotional impact experienced by those left behind.

As we explore the depths of mortality and the book will reward you with more amazing topics, that you must want to read.

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