David A. Carter

David A. Carter spent a significant portion of his career as a Science and Mathematics teacher before retiring in 2014. After retirement, he dedicated his time to reading and studying a wide range of subjects, delving into science, math, history, and religion. While acknowledging that he is not an expert in any particular field, Carter’s passion for knowledge and exploration shines through in his writing.

Book Highlights

The Role of the Brain

The book discusses the fascinating capabilities and limitations of the human brain, drawing parallels between human cognition and computer processing. It emphasizes the uniqueness of the human brain in recognizing patterns, making judgments, and learning from mistakes.

Personal Journey and Religious Views

Growing up in a Christian environment, David A. Carter shares his early experiences with religion and his subsequent doubts as he encountered scientific and astronomical wonders. Carter reflects on his agnostic perspective and explores the idea that atheism can be considered a form of religious belief.

Mathematics as the Language of Science

Recognizing the fundamental connection between mathematics and science, the book emphasizes the importance of mathematical equations in describing and understanding scientific phenomena. Examples have been drawn from renowned scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

A Parallel between Religions

The book draws parallels between different religious views born over time and compares them in order to better understand the enigma that is our universe.