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Belief and Faith: The Intricacies of Religion and the Bible

Experiencing the two most important concepts of life: “Belief and faith” is hard as differentiating the both. But what is the difference between the two? Can we truly choose to believe, or is it a product of our brains’ inherent inclinations? I can never ask these challenging questions to myself. Placing all the other things aside, “Belief and Faith” just help us in our understanding of spirituality and let us explore the thought-provoking mysteries surrounding the Bible, and vision of these enigmatic aspects of human existence.

Our brains, complex and intricate organs, play a pivotal role in shaping our beliefs. From driving a car on autopilot to instinctively reacting to danger, our brains often operate ahead of our conscious awareness. And as David Carter has explained in his book “Our Mysterious Lives”, it is within this framework that our beliefs take root. While we are often told that we can choose to believe, the truth is that our brains have already predetermined our belief systems, influenced by our upbringing, experiences, and the information we have been exposed to.

As much as David Carter thinks and defines we believe in things for which we have seen proof or have witnessed firsthand. For example, we believe we can drive downtown and return home safely because we have done it many times before. But, faith is the thing that arises when, people embrace something without support, relying on trust, intuition, or spiritual conviction.

In humans’ exploration of belief, faith, and the Bible, let your mind approach these subjects with an open end and a willingness to engage in profound contemplation.

Don’t bind your mind and go through the  and explore more about faith and Belief by David A. Carter in the Book “Our Mysterious Lives.”

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