The Soul —The Essence of Life or an Outdated Concept?

There are different kinds of people with different traits and quirks about them. That is what makes the experience of each life a unique one —meeting people that we get along with and those we don’t. But what makes a human being so different from billions of others just like them? This question of what actually is at the core of human life has been a conundrum since the early age when human beings first started observing the universe. David A. Carter, in his book Our Mysterious Lives, tackles all this and more.

Carter provides a new perspective on what a soul means and compiles the theories presented by researchers on the concept. He suggests that the concept of having a soul ties into the concepts of consciousness, faith, and belief. Despite performing a number of experiments, no evidence has since been found on the existence of such an element that is assumed to exist at the core of human existence.

Many researchers believe that any living species besides human beings do not have souls. The idea of having a soul indirectly implies the idea of having morality, hence the concepts of religions. Discussing an abstract concept such as this opens a debate on some of the concepts of God, heaven, hell, and faith. It shows how intricately many of the unanswered mysteries of the universe are interconnected in such a way that, to understand one, you need to observe and study various others.

That’s why his book discusses many such abstract concepts, historical events, and significant discoveries made for the advancement of the human race. With this in mind, many researchers performed multiple experiments that observed the physical weight of the human body just before and right after death. This was to check if the element of the soul occupied some physical mass in our bodies or if it was an entirely spiritual concept.

In Our Mysterious Lives, David Carter explores the discovery of human fossils found millennia ago that indicated a drastic change in the human brain. The reason behind it is still unknown as to what caused such an evolution, but it is vaguely assumed to have been related to the birth of believing in godhood and the subsequent religions. The change was dubbed as The God Moment for the mentioned reason. It is also believed that in that moment, along with faith in the divine, our consciousness was formed.

There are various experiments and theories that have been presented, some being declared closer to the ultimate truth while others being labeled as redundant. The idea that the human soul resides in the electricity that our neurons generate and form thoughts in our brain was also entertained and has not been proven in any particular favor.

Carter’s aim in writing his book is to encourage people to keep an open mind and consider the mysteries of the universe in an unbiased manner. So, get a copy of the book today from the official website or Amazon and join him on his journey to understanding our lives.

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