Exploring the Enigma that is Life —David A. Carter

The mysteries that surround the existence of our universe have been there since the first humans experienced life itself. With no prior knowledge or explanation for the heavenly phenomenon that occurred, the questions that arose only piled up one on top of the other. But with the Renaissance came new discoveries; strides were made in the scientific and artistic fields, while religion became a notion of bygone days.

New perspectives on the same questions were shared, which only gave rise to more unanswered queries. Our Mysterious Lives by David A. Carter explores the realm of mysteries and myths surrounding our universe in a new comparative light, answering some while leaving others unsolved and up for the reader’s interpretation.

From the first event that occurred and brought our universe into existence to present-day natural phenomena, David A. Carter discusses all these topics and the questions that surround them in a comparative study with religious, scientific, and agnostic lenses to make sense of and figure out the true purpose of our existence.

While trying to figure out the reason behind our existence, one also wonders if there is even a purpose for our lives and how we came to be. Was there a higher presence of the divine that initiated the process and let nature take its purposeful course, or do we go on about our lives as some accidental products of some elemental molecules and some Otherness coming together?

The book, Our Mysterious Lives, urges readers to keep their minds open to all perspectives and possibilities while reading and to exercise contemplation in their own time as well, which can only be done when we welcome new and different viewpoints from our own, which will open up a world of new ideas and world views that will in turn give you an understanding of the people around you as well as your true purpose of existence.

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